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We’re true believers in the amazing power of bugs - Mother Nature's secret superfood.


It all kicked off in Ollie's garden with Moon, the beloved family pet, chasing a wasp in the late summer sun. 

Ollie had Eureka! moment. Could bugs be a new sustainable snack sensation? A much needed alternative to factory-farmed meat? An answer to ultra-processed rubbish that Big Pet Food was offering up?


Armed with a passion for the planet and a nose for healthy grub, Ollie launched into a deep-dive on insect nutrition.

He was amazed to discover these critters were packed with protein, bursting with omega 3 and natural probiotics. They really were a superfood!

By day he worked a full-time job. By night, he planned the Dog Food Revolution!


Ollie was buzzing to share his findings with the world. One day, over drinks, he looped in his friend Ben. 

Ben was excited! 

He came on board to help Ollie with this plan.

They both agreed there was a huge problem that needed solving...


Big Pet Food was making dogs sick and leaving behind a big smelly environmental mess. 

While hoomans had a whole host of options for healthy, planet-friendly snacks, dogs were getting the short end of the stick. Something needed to change…


Ollie and Ben vowed to give dogs what they deserve: a delicious, nutritious AND sustainable treat.

Enter an eager squad of world-leading canine nutritionists and an army of tail-wagging taste testers.

After many tweaks, lots of sampling and plenty of ups and downs, Some Grub was born :)


Ollie and Ben’s venture received an official seal of approval from the UK government’s innovation agency who awarded Some Grub funding to develop a game-changing range of treats. 

Onwards and upwards!

Watch this space for the next step on our journey...



Every dog deserves a treat that's more than just a mouthful of empty calories. Some Grub is good for them, good for the world, and tasty to boot.

Healthy dogs

Insect protein is hypoallergenic and easy for dogs to digest. We cold press our treats with fresh veggies and natural health-boosting ingredients like turmeric and prebiotics to support your dog's gut.

Be kind to the planet

We're bug enthusiasts with an Earth-sized mission. We believe in the power of small changes to make a big impact.

Building a community

We're not just a company, we're a community of animal-lovers and planet savers.


We're here to ruffle some feathers in the dog treat world. We believe you can teach an old dog new tricks!


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