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Aren't dogs meant to eat meat?

Kind of. Dogs need protein, and they need lots of it. Some Grub gets its massive protein hit from mealworm, an insect so good it’s officially fit for human consumption. Useful to know in case you’re really hungry/drunk/curious (though we all know what that did to the cat). ‘Give your dog worms’ has never sounded less weird.

All the good stuff. None of the bad.

Some Grub is full of nothing but goodness for your dog. It’s bursting with macronutrients, contains prebiotics (great for the gut), it’s gluten-free, and hypoallergenic. It tastes great on the way in, ticks every nutrition box while it’s there, and means no nasty surprises on the way out. Perfect for sensitive tums and intolerances – and solid poo pick-up.

But, insects. Does it taste good?

Yep, insects. Loads and loads of them. We spent a ton of time perfecting our recipe of sweet potato, buckwheat, pea and coconut oil. And insects. Our kibble is cold pressed (cooked gently and not for long, in case you’re wondering) so it’s easier to digest and miles kinder to your dog’s tum than animal protein. It’s a different pedigree of food altogether.

What's the damage?

Talk’s cheap. Good dog food isn’t.You can’t put a price on love, right? Right. We really love our dogs. But we also really love that there’s a lovely planet for them to sniff around and dig holes in. Here’s the skinny: for a medium-sized pooch, Some Grub is around £1.50 a day (about half an oat milk flat white). Sure, it costs more than meat-based dog food. But it’s loads cheaper than a new planet or moving to Mars.

My dog loves her brand of food. Why would I change?

We get it – our dogs were exactly the same. We know we don’t need to bang the green drum on this one. So, when it comes to being tasty, nutritious and fill-that-bowl delicious, Some Grub delivers. The taste tests bark for themselves: our dogs dig it, other dogs dig it. But if yours doesn’t, you’ll get your money back.

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