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Gut-boosting Dog Treats - Made with Insect Protein & Fresh Veggies

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Cold-pressed for easy digestion and supercharged with gut-happy turmeric, inulin, and nature's own prebiotics.

Gut-Boosting Goodness 

  • Supports good bacteria
  • Easy to digest
  • Less bloating
  • Less gas
  • Firmer poo pickup

Turmeric: This golden dynamo is a natural anti-inflammatory that packs a health wallop. It's like a tummy-hug for your dog, easing digestive woes, calming the runs, and giving joint pain the boot. 🌟

Prebiotics: Inulin is the unsung hero of the fibre world, a natural prebiotic that's all about that gut love. It keeps the digestive dance floor moving and helps good bacteria break it down in your dog's belly. 🕺

Made with love. And insects.

These scrumptious nibbles are crafted from our signature blend of planet-saving insect protein and farm-fresh veggies. Less messing about, more nutrition! 🌍


  • Pocket-sized pack: Perfect for on-the-go snack attacks
  • Zero additives or fillers
  • Grain and gluten? Not here. No, no, no.
  • Low purine: Because we care about every bit of your pup
  • 3-ish calories per treat: Treat away, all day! (as part of a balanced diet 😉)

      🐛 Give your dog Some Grub and join the Dog Food Revolution! 🐶✊ 



      Mealworm (42 %), Sweet Potato, Potato,  Peas, Ground Beet Pulp, Soya Oil, Seaweed, MOS as a source of beta-glucans, Chicory extract as a source of fructo-oligosaccharides, Preservatives, Parsley, Thyme, Basil, Linseed Oil, Rapeseed Oil.

      Feeding Guide

      Feed as a treat or reward as part of a balanced diet. Treats should make up 10% or less of your dog’s total daily calorie intake.

      Approximate calories per treat: 3

      Every dog has different needs, depending on age, activity, condition, size and even the weather so adjust as necessary. Please always provide fresh drinking water.

      Compared to beef, our protein uses:

      96% LESS CO2
      98% LESS LAND
      99% LESS WATER

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